What to Expect

First we will sit down with you for a chat and obtain some basic information about your business and also about your own personal situation and what you are hoping to achieve; our goal, after all, is to achieve the best possible outcome we can for you

We will work with you, and assist if necessary, to determine if there is anything you can do or if there is any further information you will need to source and provide.  

And please don’t worry if you are concerned about staff or anybody else knowing what is happening, we conduct all of our visits and our communication in a very confidential and discrete manner.

We then take this information and undertake a thorough analysis of your business and the current market to ascertain a marketable selling price for your business. 

When we have completed this part of the appraisal we will re-visit and explain exactly where your business sits in the marketplace and what this means for you personally. 

We will also discuss with you our recommendations and suggestions as to the most beneficial way forward to source buyers for your business, including marketing to our extensive database along with the internet and how it can help or hinder you in your process.

After working with you to this point we collate all of the information we have sourced to create an “Information Memorandum.”  We will use this to present your business, in the best possible light, to potential buyers.

We will keep you updated and informed during the inquiry phase, we will also eliminate any non-genuine buyers. 

Be assured that everyone who inquires on your business is required to complete a Confidentiality Agreement before we provide any financial or sensitive information.

Once we have identified a genuine buyer we will speak with them to ensure that your business is suitable for them and then, in conjunction with you, we will arrange an inspection time for them to visit your business.

We will then work closely with you and the potential buyer in an effort to seek a mutually beneficial outcome that will hopefully result in your goal; the sale of your business.

When an offer is received it is important that you understand that there may be some special conditions attached to the offer; we will explain all of these conditions to you before you accept the offer. 

You may also like to have a look at The Buying Process

Once you have agreed to the offer, you will work with your solicitor to draw up your sale contract, the purchaser will also have a solicitor.  Be assured we will continue to work with all parties to assist in the finalisation of the sale.

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