Preparing for Sale

There is no better strategy than to prepare early and thoroughly so you present your business in the best possible light, this involves all aspects of your business.

The point to remember here is first impressions do count ! 

Have a look around your property with fresh eyes. There can be number of steps you can take to help make a good first impression for your prospective buyers, they may seem obvious but nevertheless they are important.

  • Small improvements can make a big difference to the overall appeal.  Take the time to touch up any chipped paint, replace blown light globes and tidy up the gardens that surround the property. 
  • De-clutter the manager’s premises and office so they too present in the best possible way.
  • Tidy up your stock. Sell off any obsolete, or slow moving stock items. This will improve both your sales and your gross profit.
  • Tidy up your plant & equipment.  Add a little paint here and there to make things look well maintained. Consider selling off any scrap, redundant or obsolete machinery and parts that are cluttering up the place. 
  • Having your financial records ready and available for a prospective buyer is very important. Before a buyer can purchase your business they will need this information for themselves and their financial advisors therefore having this information as up to date and as current as possible will give you the greatest opportunity. 

As you walk around your property ask, what does your property and business look like through the eyes of a potential buyer? 

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