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Post Plus Bright

Property Type: Post Offices

Bright Post Office

The perfect business for parents with school age kids or anyone seeking to own a business that doesn't want to work weekends, enjoys flexible hours and wants to live a better life in the country. Look no further than Bright and the lifestyle on offer in this lovely town. Make an offer to purchase Post Plus now.

Post Plus is an Australia Post licensed business offers an essential service in the busy country town of Bright. An excellent 9am to 5pm 5.5 days a week business that is very easy to operate. It does not rely on any one person including the owner, thus offering attractive flexible hours due to the business structure, staffing and training.

Being a licensee rather than franchisee allows the business owner greater flexibility particularly in relation to non compulsory products and giftware.

Such a business is also a great way to meet people and become involved in community life here in Bright.

Some of the best things about Bright; there are no traffic lights or chaotic peak hour traffic; instead home is probably just an easy five minute drive away. Grocery shopping is a breeze. Excellent P12 college, child care services, medical centre, sporting and community groups, fantastic outdoor recreation activities and positive vibe. Terrific events on weekends all year round, and some of the freshest air, clean water and scenery in Australia.

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